Manufacturing /

One of our strategic partnerships is with a large manufacturing company. Through collaboration, we've delivered an array of impactful projects. These projects have included developing automatic technologies designed to streamline internal processes.
Company Size: [ 250+ Employees ]
Location: [ Alberta - Canada ]

What The Client Needed /

This company had established systems in place that relied on less effective processes to verify data related to inventory location, cost, updates, requests etc. Their methods included email and in-person communication and as a result they experienced many bottlenecks and complications when they attempted to gather and view up-to-date information related to their inventory.

Realizing The Need for Change /

This lead them to recognize the potential for improvement and deciding to search for a more efficient solution to gain better insights into diverse areas of their operations. This included being able to access real-time insights across multiple facilities, covering factors such as price fluctuations and inventory counts, as well as a more functional way of requesting and updating inventory.

What We Did /

The measures and methods we implemented to address the client's unique needs and bring their vision into reality.

Company Portal


Our initial focus was on developing a company portal, meticulously designed to provide our client with access to their inventory data, facilitating both retrieval and real-time adjustments. To ensure precision and timeliness in tracking the precise metrics that mattered most to them, we embarked on a crucial step - seamlessly integrating the portal with third-party software solutions. This integration not only streamlined their operations but also bolstered their ability to harness accurate, up-to-date insights critical for informed decision-making.

Inventory Location Tracking


Harnessing the capabilities of assistive Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, particularly employing advanced barcode scanners, and ipads we engineered a comprehensive system. This innovative solution empowers employees across different geographical locations and warehouses to seamlessly view with and update their inventory. All the real-time data is accessibly displayed via their custom web application, promoting an optimized inventory control system.

Inventory Reconciliation


We engineered an automated system that seamlessly interfaces with third-party software, conducting scheduled comparisons between inventory item volumes stored in their custom web application and the corresponding data within the third-party software's data model. Whenever disparities are detected, this system initiates notifications to designated users, enabling them to address these discrepancies. This proactive approach ensures the maintenance of precise inventory records and optimizes operational efficiency.

Material Cost Monitoring


Leveraging cutting-edge algorithms and sophisticated logic, we engineered a system meticulously tailored to perform a daily automated scan spanning an extensive database encompassing thousands of raw material prices embedded within the enterprise software. This robust solution ensured immediate alerts regarding any fluctuations in costs, enabling our client to promptly respond, make well-informed decisions, and seize valuable cost-saving opportunities, thereby bolstering the organization's financial resilience and competitive edge.

Requirements /

The specific technology solutions we offer that were meticulously selected and implemented to address the challenges they faced

Company Portal

Data Automation

Data Collection

Data Integration

Data Analysis

Our Value /

The technological advantages our client gained from our assistive and scalable technological interventions.

Increased Accessibility

Our technology solutions enhanced accessibility by enabling real-time monitoring and updating from the company portal at any point from a device with a browser.

Streamlined Operations

The implementation of our automatic data collection and display technologies streamlined their operations by reducing manual processes, providing real-time data, and facilitating proactive decision-making.

Enhanced Awareness

Continuously monitoring critical aspects of their operations, alerting them to changes in real-time, and providing valuable insights, collectively improved their overall situational awareness and responsiveness to changes.

The Finished Product /

Our technology solutions provided cutting-edge systems that not only enhance operational and procedural efficiency but also provide real-time insights into critical aspects of their business operations, empowering them to make informed decisions with confidence.

Technologies Used /

The technologies used in this project

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