Our Culture /

Our company culture is one of unity and growth. We emphasize collaboration, encourage open communication, and embrace change. By fostering an environment that values teamwork and learning, we cultivate a shared sense of purpose that drives us forward.
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Our Definition of Culture /

At Stratus, we are dedicated towards achieving success through autonomy, continuous education, collaborative success, and unwavering respect for all. Our culture thrives on these values, fostering innovation and growth while honoring the unique contributions of each individual in our diverse team.

"Our culture empowers all to innovate, collaborate, and push boundaries. Our journey signifies collective growth, with every achievement and line of code exemplifying our commitment to a thriving culture of excellence."
Nathan Johnson
CEO & Founder

Our BHAG /

Our Big, Hairy, Audacious, Goal

To Transform Alberta

We recognize the immense potential technology holds to revitalize Alberta's key sectors, from energy and agriculture to manufacturing and beyond. By infusing innovation into the heart of these industries, we're forging a future where technological advancements empower growth, sustainability, and prosperity, propelling Alberta to the forefront of global competitiveness

Our Mission /

We transform complex information into easy-to-understand insights, present them visually, and automate the whole process. Our mission is to help you make smarter decisions, increase operational efficiency, and scale your business.

Transforming Vision Into Outcomes /

Our approach is centered around listening, advising, developing, & delivering.


We start by actively engaging with our clients to deeply understand their challenges and aspirations. During this phase our experts also carefully listen to their requirements, objectives, and constraints. This crucial step enables us to gain insights into the unique landscape they operate in, forming the groundwork for a comprehensive solution.


Drawing on our tech expertise, we provide strategic recommendations that align with the project's objectives. We advise on the most suitable technologies, platforms, and architectures, considering factors such as scalability, security, and user experience.


Once a strategy is decided, our development teams swings into action. This phase involves coding, designing, testing, and refining the solution. We leverage cutting-edge tools and methodologies to craft robust and innovative applications, software, or systems. Throughout development, we remain open to client feedback, iterating to ensure the final product aligns perfectly with their vision.


The culmination of our journey is the delivery phase. Here, we bring the solution to life. We ensure that the software is fully functional, user-friendly, and optimized for performance. Our commitment to detail ensures that the tech solution meets quality standards and is ready for deployment.

Our Core Values /

At our roots, we aim to promote these values however possible.
Respect Everyone, & Everything

We prioritize kindness, inclusivity, and taking responsibility. This guides us to create a positive and sustainable impact in our organization and beyond.
Solve The Problem For Today & Tomorrow

We aim to find solutions that address immediate needs while anticipating future challenges. We prioritize long-term impact and adaptability to stay ahead of the curve.
Educate for Outcomes

We are dedicated towards providing education and training that delivers concrete, measurable results. We prioritize practical skills and knowledge to help our employees succeed in and outside the workplace.
Execute & Iterate

we believe in taking action and implementing our ideas while continuously refining and improving them. We embrace a culture of learning from both successes and failures, allowing us to evolve and achieve excellence in everything we do.
Partners in Success

We consider our customers, employees, and stakeholders as vital collaborators in achieving our goals. By nurturing strong relationships and mutual growth, we work together towards shared success and lasting prosperity.
Make it Simple, NOT Simpler

We prioritize simplicity without compromising essential details or functionality. It ensures efficient solutions that are easy to use and effective for both our clients and development team.

Partners in Success /

We'll work with you as if we're partners sharing the same objective. We want your business to succeed not only today, but tomorrow, and years from now. That is why when we do business, we're focused on long-lasting impacts and even longer-lasting relationships.
"Stratus is more than just a workplace – it's a community that embraces fresh ideas and encourages growth. The open collaboration, mentorship, and shared enthusiasm for innovation make every day an exciting journey of learning and achievement."

Wes Howery

Cheif Technology Officer

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