Medium Business /

We have established a strategic partnership with a thriving medium-sized business. This collaboration has resulted in a range of significant projects. These initiatives encompass developing solutions to streamline operations through process centralization to reduce operational errors and improve productivity.
Company Size: [ 100+ ]
Location: [ Alberta - Canada ]

Business Challenge /

This business consistently dealt with challenges arising from clients submitting paperwork that often had errors or missing information, necessitating the need to dedicate resources toward both information retrieval and manual data entry afterward. This often resulting in communication breakdowns, both internally amongst employees and externally with clients.

Realizing The Need for Change /

Recognizing the need for more streamlined and effective procedures in collection, validation, and submission of information, they decided to explore methods which might streamline these processes. Their overarching goal was to create a hands-off solution which guided one through the entire submission process from start to finish, while removing any possibility for customer error or omission, and reducing the need for employee involvement.

What We Did /

The measures and methods we implemented to address the client's unique needs and bring their vision into reality.

Web Application


Acknowledging their requirements, we decided to design and deploy a web application. This encompassed a dynamic website offering customers an array of functionalities, including custom forms and estimates, as well as access to diverse resources and other information. This approach proved advantageous because it provided customers with a user-friendly and comprehensive platform, enhancing their experience and accessibility to essential resources.

Company Portal


As the custom web application was under construction, we concurrently developed a company portal. This portal granted designated employees exclusive accounts, allowing them convenient access to crucial business data, encompassing customer information, volume, and various details. Serving as a centralized hub, it facilitated the seamless integration of additional tools and features. This secure environment provided the organization not only with a confidential client data repository but also a centralized area for accessing other pertinent business information.

Custom Submission Form


We implemented an online form accessible to customers via a button on our client's web-application. This form seamlessly replicated all the criteria from their previous paper-based form and even added more functionalities. Notably, the system prevented users from proceeding to the final submission page unless they filled out all information correctly and completely. Once the information was entered, it was then submitted to the company portal for an employee's reviewal. This new approach significantly reduced the risk of human related errors as well as the need to allocate resources towards addressing incorrect or missing information.

Data Processing Pipeline


We then decided to integrate a custom pipeline within our client's company portal. When a form was completed and submitted through the web-application, it was automatically transferred to a list within the web app for review. Employees could log in, access the list of submissions, and apply filters based on various variables like date or applicant. They could then select a submission for review and make decisions such as approval, denial, or flagging. Additionally, we connected the submission stage with third-party software, ensuring that approved forms were seamlessly forwarded to the external system. This pipeline significantly enhanced and streamlined their operational efficiency.

Requirements /

The specific technology solutions we offer that were meticulously selected and implemented to address the challenges they faced

Company Portal

Web Application

Data Automation

Data Collection

Data Integration

Data Validation

Our Value /

The technological advantages our client gained from our assistive and scalable technological interventions.

Improved Efficiency

Through the creation of automated and streamlined processes inside a centralized location we were able to improve business efficiency, freeing up employee time for more productive activities.

Streamlined Operations

Our technology solutions revolutionized our client's data processes, aligning them precisely with internal criteria, eliminating challenges, and reclaiming valuable time and resources.

Increased Productivity

Through automation and process centralization, our client eliminated resource allocation for past challenges, freeing employees to focus on more productive tasks.

The Finished Product /

Not only did we solve issues related to our client's unique needs, but we were also able to provide their customers with a much more user-friendly and straightforward process that reduced any hassle, giving everyone more value and time back.Not only did we solve issues related to our client's unique needs, but we were also able to provide their customers with a much more user-friendly and straightforward process that reduced any hassle, giving everyone more value and time back.

Technologies Used /

The technologies used in this project

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